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The Untold Truth is a modern day documentary combining unique historic footage, breathtaking editing, a high-end music soundtrack, and today’s biggest names in sports, entertainment, and politics as our on screen storytellers. This is NOT a Ken Burns documentary.

The film takes us back in time to tell the narrative of a story that has never been told – the TRUE story of the Negro Baseball Leagues. We will take the audience from the days of Slave Baseball in the Caribbean, to the antics of Satchel Paige, to the legendary home runs of Josh Gibson, to the invention of the batting helmet, night baseball, and the screwball – all were developed first in the Negro Baseball Leagues.

Wrapped Productions has already achieved the following on this project:

1. Secured exclusive rights & contract from the Negro League Baseball Museum to tell this story via The Untold Truth.

2. Producers have exclusive high-def footage (25 hours), archival film footage from various sources, behind the scenes videos, documentary trailer, and interviews.

3. Oscar and Emmy award winner, Louis Gossett Jr. has committed as narrator and executive producer.

4. Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Ludacris, Kobe Bryant, Bob Costas, Jesse Jackson, Don Newcombe, Dionne Warwick, Rachel Robinson and Tyrese Gibson have verbally committed to doing interviews.

5. We see this being a solid "in" to the public schools nationally for an "educational program" during Black History Month – the film goes to schools every February as an "evergreen' property.

6. An accompanying soundtrack with 10 to 12 songs from Hip Hop / Rap / Pop / Jazz. Artists already being sought to do original tracks. We have exclusive rights to ten original baseball songs.

Wrapped Productions: Gregg Champion, Gary Ballen, John Rittenour, Larrie Durham and Oscar & Emmy winner, Louis Gossett Jr.
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Produced by Wrapped Productions & Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

These are the 9 Chapters for the documentary that reveal the truth about the Negro Baseball Leagues.

1. SLAVE BASEBALL -- Taking claim that baseball was brought to America through the slave trade.

2. BLACK "BASE BALL" -- "You won't let me play in your game... I will just start my own."

3. SOUTH OF THE BORDER -- Showing how the Negro Baseball Leagues opened doors for Latin players... and that during the winter MLB / NBL stars played with each other in Latin America.

4. ON THE ROAD AGAIN -- The barnstorming era of the Negro Leagues... “We will play anywhere, anytime.” This also includes the all Jewish team of House of David. 

5. WOMEN OF BASEBALL -- Effa May Manley (owner), Lena Horne, Olivia Taylor (owner) and Toni Stone (player), and many more had significant roles in the Negro Leagues.

6. IT'S IN THE STARS -- Highlighting Rube Foster, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, Buck O’Neil and others... that were the “Supers Stars” of the Negro Baseball Leagues.

7. ALL THAT JAZZ -- The influence of Jazz, entertainment, and other “social” sites like restaurants, hotels, & barbershops in most NBL cities.

8. A LEAGUE THAT WORKS -- The Negro Leagues in their hay day... championships, all-star games, and the real business of baseball working for owners/players of NBL.

9. GOODBYE OL' FRIEND -- With Jackie Robinson going to Major Leagues in 1947... How the Negro Leagues and the "communities" who supported them died off in the following years.



The purpose of this document is to walk you through the scope of this “Great American History Lesson” and the unique business opportunities that are available through partnership with Wrapped Productions.

Here are the nine Negro Baseball Leagues projects in development by Wrapped Productions:

The Untold Truth - The feature-length documentary on the history of the Negro Baseball Leagues using Kansas City’s very own Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) as the foundation for the wealth of the materials to be brought to light via an exclusive contract with the NLBM and Wrapped Productions. Today’s pop-culture icons will lend their time, talents, and financial resources in order to open up the history books once more to the real stories of the Negro Baseball Leagues and their importance to society today.

The “Lil’ Monarchs” – This educational and entertainment program is an animated program set in the inner city and targets ages 5-10. The assets within the project will be developed for classroom and broadcast. History, mentorship, sports, and life lessons will drive this project, which also includes a baseball guide for elementary school

Movie “Buck” – A motion picture for theatrical release, cast with big name star talent from the worlds of film, television, Hip-Hop and professional sports. This is a “Forrest Gump" type story which follows the life of Buck O'Neil in America from 1911 to 2006. Buck met with Presidents Kennedy and Clinton along with MLK, was roommates with Satchel Paige, and coached for the Cubs and Royals.

Music CD Project – A compilation of original baseball songs written, produced, and preformed by the hottest names in Hip-Hop, Rap, and Jazz for use within the documentary, as box set, or as a standalone release. World-wide distribution in retail stores, baseball parks, military bases, with various corporate programs such as; Nike, MLB, Verizon, etc…

Stage Play – A musical stage play packaged with the mobile exhibit as well as functions as an independent show available for schools, museums, and performing arts theaters.

Broadway Musical – Celebrating the Negro Baseball Leagues history in a manner only the stage can provide. This “up close” look at the game, the players, and the legacy can sustain a life on Broadway for years to come. With the Broadway hit "Hamilton" showing the world the strength of Hip Hop and history coming together, "The Untold Truth" musical will do the same bringing to light the history of the Negro Baseball Leagues.

Educational Programming - Editorials, music videos, books, and short films on the individual stories unveiled in the documentary are now quick learning pieces available for all types of educational, historical, and broadcast venues – radio, TV, and Web. School districts all over America will have resources for Black History Month that will students will be interested in year after year.

The Black Diamond Network – An online broadcast network for streaming content, social networking, and “In the Classroom Programming.”

Promotional Tour - Initially touring major US towns and cities, the “Traveling Negro Baseball Leagues Mobile Exhibit” will be on display at special events, schools K-12, colleges and universities, and major corporate functions. A take off of the barnstorming concept the Negro Baseball Leagues used to bring baseball to regions that didn’t have professional teams.


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